Milk Chocolate Molten

Oh my God!! It’s molten time!! Last week I made this, enjoying the hot chocolate thing while watching a movie, my son wasn’t at home and the little one was sleeping, while my husband went to check on a new horse he may buy. Bottom line: the house was quite; p smillaa 3alaihom :) Even though I like watching movies with my husband - just in case my husband is reading hehe, I love u hubby :)

now this recipe makes 1 serving so make sure when u make it u'll be alone, always remember sharing is scaring in the matter of food hehe or just double or triple the ingredients :)

here we go :

preheat oven 180

Melt 50g galaxy 25g butter Set aside In a medium bowl mix 1 egg ½ tsp vanilla 2 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp flour Add the chocolate to the mixture and mix them together Pour into a ramekin Now this is the important so listen or read hehe carefully... To have the molten cooked and still have it liquid in the center which is a molten all about, bake and broil it at the same time, keep watching it till it gets firm on top, it’ll only take a few minutes so please don’t move and keep staring at it hehe remember it’s a molten and its worth the waiting.. Serves : 1