R.I.P Steve Jobs

Thank you Steve Jobs, you will always be remembered.


Moroccan Mint Tea

If you hadn’t try the Moroccan Mint Tea yet! You have to try it right now! You don’t know what you are missing. It will cool you down after a long day with the kids ;)


Make Bathtub Paint

I love it when my kids get messy and enjoy their time without worring about anything else, i think it helps them build self-confidence, increase their creativity level and collect as many happy memories as they can so when they grow up just remembering these moments would make them smile :)

I'm glad that i found a list of helpfull activities for preschooler that i will post them for you after having the thumbs up from my kids.

What You Need:

1/3 cup baby shampoo per paint color
1 tablespoon cornstarch per paint color
Food coloring
Measuring cups, tablespoon, and stirring spoon
Plastic cups
Cotton swabs (optional, for use as paint “brushes”)

What You Do:

Have your child measure out and pour the baby shampoo into a plastic cup.

Next, ask him to add the cornstarch into the same cup and stir until the ingredients are mixed.

Help him carefully squeeze two drops of food coloring into the shampoo mixture and stir again.

Discuss with him the science behind what happened to the mixture when he added the cornstarch. Cornstarch caused the shampoo to thicken up, which helps it stick to smooth surfaces (like a bathtub) better.

Repeat steps 1-3 three more times to create other colors of paint. Place each color in its own plastic cup.

This is a great opportunity to talk about color mixing with your child. Show him how you can mix primary colors together to create new colors.

During bath time, encourage him to paint on the walls of the bathtub using his new paints. He can fingerpaint, or use the cotton swabs as paint “brushes.” Be sure to supervise while he paints so he doesn't get paint in his eyes, which can sting.

When bath time is over, help him clean the walls of the bathtub with a washcloth. This activity gives you clean tub walls and a clean child!

By Beth Levin
Beth Levin has an M.A. in Curriculum and Education from Columbia University Teachers College. She has written educational activities for Macmillan/McGraw-Hill and Renaissance Learning publishers. She has a substitute teaching credential for grades K-12 in Oregon, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


Vanilla custard base cake

This cake was a hit in our weekly family gathering, I love a moist cake so I came out with this all chocolate on top of a vanilla moist cake.

Thin layer of vanilla cake pour over it hot custard to make it moist, put over it a layer of dulce de lecce then few dollops of nutella and swirl, add any kind of chocolate you like, i have added galaxy pieces, you can add dark chocolate if you are a dark chocolate lover, sprinkle with grated white chocolate and in the oven to broil.

Beshamel scrambled egg

Woke up this morning and in my mind a heavy breakfast for my husband, and since it`s the end of the week i have the right to eat whatever i want :)

First layer:
to make the first layer fry small potato cubes, chopped hot dog then add some oregano "squeeze the oregano so the flavor will be stronger"..

Second layer:
scrambled egg cooked with milk to be moist..

Third layer:
Béchamel sauce:
in a sauce pan cook all together until it gets melted and thick
  • 2.5 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups milk
  • handful shredded mozzarella cheese
  • pinch of salt
  • dried rose marry
    in the over till it gets golden brown..


Strawberry with Mint Salad

When things become bad I always like to see the positive side of it, and when there is no positive side I start to remember the good times so I could feel happy again :)

Nowadays the weather is dusty :( Can`t do anything so I remembered one of the good times I had last month, where the weather was awesome. On one clear sunny day I went with my family to a farm where we can buy fresh mint and strawberries picked by us. So i decided to make a fruit salad out of them :D

The recipe:

cut the strawberries into halves and quarters and keep them in the fridge while making the mint syrup..

boil almost same amount of sugar and water while chopping the mint..

add the mint in them, let them boil..

put the syrup in the blender to blend it with ice..

add vanilla to it..

pour the syrup over the strawberries..

top with a whipped cream, yum :)


Milk Chocolate Molten

Oh my God!! It’s molten time!! Last week I made this, enjoying the hot chocolate thing while watching a movie, my son wasn’t at home and the little one was sleeping, while my husband went to check on a new horse he may buy. Bottom line: the house was quite; p smillaa 3alaihom :) Even though I like watching movies with my husband - just in case my husband is reading hehe, I love u hubby :)

now this recipe makes 1 serving so make sure when u make it u'll be alone, always remember sharing is scaring in the matter of food hehe or just double or triple the ingredients :)

here we go :

preheat oven 180

Melt 50g galaxy 25g butter Set aside In a medium bowl mix 1 egg ½ tsp vanilla 2 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp flour Add the chocolate to the mixture and mix them together Pour into a ramekin Now this is the important so listen or read hehe carefully... To have the molten cooked and still have it liquid in the center which is a molten all about, bake and broil it at the same time, keep watching it till it gets firm on top, it’ll only take a few minutes so please don’t move and keep staring at it hehe remember it’s a molten and its worth the waiting.. Serves : 1