Strawberry with Mint Salad

When things become bad I always like to see the positive side of it, and when there is no positive side I start to remember the good times so I could feel happy again :)

Nowadays the weather is dusty :( Can`t do anything so I remembered one of the good times I had last month, where the weather was awesome. On one clear sunny day I went with my family to a farm where we can buy fresh mint and strawberries picked by us. So i decided to make a fruit salad out of them :D

The recipe:

cut the strawberries into halves and quarters and keep them in the fridge while making the mint syrup..

boil almost same amount of sugar and water while chopping the mint..

add the mint in them, let them boil..

put the syrup in the blender to blend it with ice..

add vanilla to it..

pour the syrup over the strawberries..

top with a whipped cream, yum :)

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